Mementos & Memorabilia

This section of the Wolff Archive contains some of Wolff’s personal items, such as copies of the photographs in his office. In addition, scans of a number of birthday wishes and gifts can be found here, as well as a few other miscellaneous items that broaden the documentation of the life of Franklin F. Wolff.

Title File
Desktop Photographs

This file contains Wolff's desktop photos, which he describes as follows:

I have on my desk, easily visible from where I sit . . . photographs of the four individuals who have been most important in my life during the period after my dependency upon my parents; in other words, the four most influential in my life during the adult stage. They are: Sherifa, who was my first wife and with whom I lived for thirty-nine years; her son James Briggs, who was a strong masculine support in connection with my work; and also Gertrude, who was my companion during nineteen years after the passing of Sherifa . . . [The fourth picture is that of Shankara]—with whose mind I have felt for many years a certain rapport, and have acted as though he was my guru. Although there was never any formal relationship of that sort, I acted as though he were my guru. I find a particular sympathy with his kind of thinking. Actually, Gertrude’s picture is next to his.[1]


[1] Franklin Merrell-Wolff, “Running Commentary Following Gertrude’s Death,” part 46 (Lone Pine, CA, November 19, 1981), audio recording, 2-3.

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