Works about Franklin Merrell-Wolff

The following lists contain: (1) works that focus on the work or life of Franklin Merrell-Wolff; (2) works that make a reference to the work or life of Franklin Merrell-Wolff; (3) websites that feature the work or life of Franklin Merrell-Wolff; and (4) Facebook pages that focus on Wolff’s life and work. In addition to the items in these lists, the Member’s Forum page (under the Forums tab) contains a number of essays that feature Wolff’s lifework. Please contact us to report any omissions or errors.

Works that Feature Franklin Merrell-Wolff

This is a collection of books, essays, articles, and reviews that focus on Franklin Merrell-Wolff and his work. In addition, several “supplements” to his work—that is, articles intended to provide the background to some of Wolff’s finer points—are listed here.

Barušs, Imants. “Review of books by and about Franklin Merrell-Wolff.” Journal of Scientific Exploration 16-2 (2002): 304-305.

___. “Transition to Transcendence: Franklin Merrell-Wolff’s Mathematical Yoga.” The Journal of Conscious Evolution I (April 2005). Available at

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Lilly, John C. “God as Consciousness Without an Object,” 1975. This article was written two years after Lilly first met Wolff and has been excerpted from Lilly's book, Simulations of God: The Science of Belief. Available at

Lloyd, J. William. “Review of Pathways Through to Space.” Available on the Books page (under the Wolff Archive tab) on this website.

McFarlane, Thomas J. “The Nondual Philosophy of Franklin Merrell-Wolff,” 1993. Available at

___. “The Spiritual Function of Mathematics and the Philosophy of Franklin Merrell-Wolff,”1995. Available at

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___. “A Peculiarly Beautiful Path to Yoga,” 2008. Available at

Melvin, Mael. “Infinity and Consciousness.” In Introceptualism the Philosophy of Consciousness Without an Object Volume II, by Franklin Merrell-Wolff. Phoenix, Ariz.: Phoenix Philosophical Press, 1978. Available on the Other Works page (under Wolff Archive tab) on this website.

Moss, Richard. “An Introduction to Franklin Merrell-Wolff.” Preface to the French edition of Franklin Merrell-Wolff’s Experience and Philosophy: Experience et Philosophie. Tome 1, Chemins ouvrant sur l’espace (Gordes: Editions du Relié, 1998).

Rowe, Joseph. “A Mathematical Supplement to the Lectures of Franklin Merrell-Wolff.” Available on the Member’s Forum page (under the Forums tab) of this website.

Stolaroff, Myron J. “Using Psychedelics Wisely,”1993. Available at

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Vliegenthart, Dave, Franklin Merrell-Wolff: An Intellectual History of Contemporary Anti-Intellectualism In America (Ph.D. diss., University of Groningen, 2017).

Works that Reference Franklin Merrell-Wolff

Although the central focus of the following works is not on Franklin Merrell-Wolff, they do refer to Wolff or his work.

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Internet Sites that Feature Franklin Merrell-Wolff

The following websites are devoted to the life and work of Franklin Merrell-Wolff, or contain a page that features Franklin Merrell-Wolff.

The Franklin Merrell-Wolff Fellowship. A website that is devoted to Franklin Merrell-Wolff and hosted by the Franklin Merrell-Wolff Fellowship, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to preserve and promote the legacy of Franklin Merrell-Wolff. Available at

Franklin Merrell-Wolff: Philosopher, Mathematician, Mystic, Spiritual Teacher. A website that is hosted by Doroethy and Ron Leonard. Available at Ratings of spiritual teachers, guidelines for choosing a teacher, reviews of spiritual movies and books, discussion boards, and links to other spiritual sites . Available at

Tat Forum. This online spiritual magazine has published numerous excerpts from the work of Franklin Merrell-Wolff. See the archive index at

Gurus, Saints, and Seekers: Holy Men and Women in the Indian Tradition. Available at

The Center for Integral Science. Rich in content, with many articles devoted to Merrell-Wolff. Available at

Facebook Pages that Feature Franklin Merrell-Wolff

The Franklin Merrell-Wolff Fellowship

Franklin Merrell-Wolff

Consciousness Without an Object (CWO)

Friends and Family of Franklin Merrell-Wolff