This page introduces the essays written by Franklin Merrell-Wolff; you can also browse his Essays directly.


This section of the Wolff Archive contains essays penned by Wolff; it does not include his audio essays, which are located under the Audio Recordings tab. Many of these works are not dated, but where possible, an indication has been made as to when an essay may have been composed. In some cases, the original draft of the essay has not survived; whether the transcripts of these essays are completely faithful to the original is not known.

A few of these expositions were meant for students of the Assembly of Man, an educational center with a generally theosophical orientation that Wolff and his first wife founded in December 1928. These compositions are so noted. In addition, a number of these essays were published in The Bulletin of the Assembly of Man, a periodical that was edited and published by Wolff’s second wife from June 1960 to January 1967. The title of this bulletin was changed to “The Seeker” in May 1967, and three installments were published, ending with the Summer 1968 issue. Copies of these publications can be found under the Wolff Archive tab, “Organizations and Group Work.”