Wolff's correspondence is currently being processed; in the meantime, transcripts of the following letters are available. Excerpts from each letter's initial paragraphs are used to introduce them.

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A Letter to a Chicago Student

Just last night we returned from Mt. Whitney and found your letter waiting here. The questions you ask are of the type which make first demand upon my attention. I do not think that there is much which would give one who is deeply interested in helping make the Dharmavidya (Wisdom Religion) a living fact in the lives of men and women a greater pleasure than seeing questions such as you ask become vital in the lives of students. When such questions arise the student is earnestly knocking at the door of Understanding.

1929 read or download
A Letter to Mr. Fevier

It is with real pleasure that I received your letter today. i thank that you are much more along the Way than you realize and that at wall take only a relatively small effort tor you to overcome the obscuration that seems to restrain you at times. There as no real reason why you should not feel a great deal more confidence in yourself tor your letters show unmistakably that you have got the “stuff” alright. I will see if I can make this clear to you.

28 March 1930 read or download
A Letter to Albert Einstein

There has just come before my attention a brief statement of your beautiful mystical philosophy or Cosmic Religion and it has flashed into my consciousness with rather an overwhelming force that you have become the focal point for the expression of a true religious basis that has become a crying need in the Occident which can no longer be satisfied in its depths by the outworn creeds and forms of current religiosity.

11 January 1931 read or download
A Letter to Sherifa

I was immensely sorry to hear of the recurrence of the pain and sickness, but glad that Dr. Strong could help as I thought . . . 

I was thinking the other day of the difference between a flowing stream of water and a stagnant pool. A flowing stream either is pure already or tends to become so, and so it is said that water purifies itself after flowing a sufficient distance. On the other hand, water, no matter how pure, when it is placed in a pool and allowed to stand, tends to become unwholesome. It would seem that the same is true of life-energies

ca. 1934 read or download
A Letter to Peter Geshell

It is with particular pleasure that I write to you relative to a problem which you pose in your recent note. There are many interests which need discussion and analysis but which must wait until after the war when it will be more possible to deal with realities. We all look forward to the day when we may all be together again.

29 December 1944 read or download
A Letter to Jim Briggs

You . . . have run into some difficulties in the understanding of part of Pathways Through to Space. I am glad to hear this, for one who reported no difficulty would most likely fail almost wholly in understanding what he had read. In many of the conceptions there is an inherent difficulty which grows out of the nature of language as such. It is only partly a selection of words and word-patterns that confuses the understanding.

7 January 1945 read or download
A Letter to George Briggs

At last we got my book published under the title Pathways Through to Space with the sub-title, “A Personal Record of Transformation in Consciousness.” Richard R. Smith of New York is the publisher. I have not yet received serious adverse criticism; though one book dealer in Des Moines said he would not handle such trash and I understand one Seventh Day Adventist got it out of her hands as quickly as she could. Evidently she did not want to be contaminated. I expect forceful antagonism from the traditional religious groups if they ever realize what the book means.

18 January 1945 read or download
A Letter to Reid Gardner

At last I propose to consider on paper some features of your excellent discussions. In particular I shall devote attention to your discussion of self-analysis as this presents the very crucial difference between traditional Buddhism and the Vedanta of Shankara.

As I see it, the primary question is: “Is there a Self which has a reality-value not inferior to that of the object of consciousness?”

ca. 1947 read or download